Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gifts: Attendants

They have done so much for you, not only as a part of your wedding party but also as a friend and confidant over the years. How to even begin to say thanks? Start by presenting your wedding attendants with heartfelt gifts to express your gratitude.

What to Spend
Consider both your budget and the amount that each attendant must spend to be in your wedding. In the end, it’s always the thought that counts, but giving movie passes may seem a tad ungrateful if your maids had to shell out $600 each for those couture dresses you insisted upon. Get something that lets your attendants know how much you appreciate them. Generally, spending $50-$150 is a good amount.

When to Give
You can present the gifts during any private moment with your maids. Many brides give them during the bridesmaid’s luncheon or tea. You can also hand them out at the rehearsal dinner, when your closest friends and family are gathered together. Consider presenting them along with a toast, thanking them for their support and friendship over the years.

Attendant Gift Ideas
Monogrammed Robe/Pajamas—a great idea especially if you and your girls are planning a slumber party right before the wedding.
Spa Certificates—or pop for a trip to the spa, and treat everyone to a massage. Your maids will appreciate the special pampering.
Personalized Picture Frames—including an individual photo of you with each bridesmaid.
Jewelry—it can be something to wear at the wedding - but also try to choose something they will wear again. You want a gift they will enjoy that will often remind them of you!
A Container Filled with Goodies—can’t decide on one thing? Give it all! Find a creative container and fill it with goodies and mementos. A monogrammed canvas bag or a pretty decorated box will work nicely. If your budget allows, splurge on a nice designer handbag! Be as creative as you want.
Fur (or fake fur) Wraps—a great idea, especially for a winter wedding.
Makeup—have their makeup done for the wedding, and then purchase a few items for them to keep. They will feel fabulous for the big day and will also have something to take with them that they picked out.
Mixed CDs—full of tunes that hold special meaning, a great extra that can add a nice touch to another gift.