Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cute Candles

I found these today on a website for a local business, Gale's Wholesale locating in Regina, Saskatchewan. They do have a website that is worth taking a look at, they offer a lot of different products for reasonable prices. I was surfing around there just trying to get some pricing ideas, and found these. The orange and blue would be perfect for us, and when the wedding is over they would look great at home. For only $2.14 each, we could incorporate many of them into different areas of the wedding decor.

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Picking Favorites

So, I'd posted not long ago about the dresses I liked for a wedding dress. As everyone I'm sure has figured out, I'm not a traditional girl. So here goes my favorites out of the last post.

Number 1: so far. I don't know why or how to explain why I love this dress so much. The flirty short/long combination just grabs my attention. It does come in white and I think it would look good in the white too. It's certainly different... maybe that's why...

Number 2: I also love the matching shawl, which does come with the dress. I think it would look really cute in white.

Number 3: I like this very much, it comes in white, but I'd likely lose the fade at the bottom, I'd have to contact the designer and find out if I can get white with a blue or orange fade.

Number 4: Comes in white, again, quite cute, was my number 1 favorite until I saw the top two dresses.

Number 5: I like the one shown in red, I think it would look alright in white.

Number 6: I like the opening in the back, I'm not too sure about the ribbon wrapping under the breasts though. Might not look as good in white.

Number 7: I LOVE this, but unlike the others it only comes in black. :(

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Golf Wedding

I very much want to be married on our favorite golf course, but it is a bit out of the way and I don't want to make the guests have to take a 30 minute trek for the ceremony when the reception will be in town, as much as I would like to at the same time. So I've been thinking about how to incorporate our golf, while giving up the course itself. So, I'm trying to plan a putting green for the reception. I thought it would be cute and could give us some really fantastic candid pictures.

Does anyone else have any golf related ideas?

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Invitations: Research and Development

I posted before about my favorite type of invitation style. I've done a little research, and I've figured that I'll need probably (aka... so far) almost 200 invitations. To order them from the company that offers that particular style, I am looking at $799.00 for 200, with envelopes. $126.00 if I want them to print 200 RSVP cards for me. Now, I priced it out to buy all the supplies and them print and make them myself. I priced out cardstock, envelopes, and ribbon, enough to make 200 (plus extra) invitations and reply cards. I got a price of $80.00. Now am I the only one that is absolutely shocked by this difference? $80.00 compared to $925.00. It sure made my decision to invest the time into making them much easier, plus by making them I am no longer restricted to their colors and options. I can print whatever I please and use the bold colors that I want.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Ecofetti: Tossing Alternative

I can't remember how I came across this site, but I absolutely love the idea. I'm going to order some samples to check it out before I place an order, I also have to figure out how much I'll need if I do order, but they make it incredibly easy on their website by telling you how much they put in their envelopes and cones (can be ordered as kits, or pre assembled items). I found that the cones they offer seem much larger than the ones I've "designed" at home myself, so I'll likely go ahead with making my own cones and simply ordering their ecofetti for my filler. I figure by their sizing guidelines, I should need 1/8th cup of ecofetti to fill my homemade cones, so one large bag of ecofetti would make 96 cones for me. 2 large bags, one blue, one orange, should do us just perfectly. Well, likely more than perfectly, but I'd have left over to be able to find something else to do with it. Better numbers can come later.

"Ecofetti is the new safe and accepted wedding toss with no cleanup worries. Water-soluble and completely biodegradable confetti - either hose it away or let nature help with the cleanup...

The perfect alternative to rice or birdseed, no slipping or staining, and ecofetti flutters easily to the ground."
Ecofetti is packaged with a scoop: Bags contain enough for each guest to have 1 rounded Tablespoon for the toss. If using a basket for guests to help themselves, you may want to increase the amount ordered - some enthusiastic guests can take 2 to 3 times that amount...

Small - 25 scoop bag; approximately 3 cups; ($7.95)
Medium - 50 scoop bag; approximately 6 cups; ($10.95)
Large - 100 scoop bag; approximately 12 cups. ($19.95)

To see water-soluble ecofetti for yourself and check out our colors send a large self-addressed stamped envelope (traditional business size holds 6 samples) with 2 thirty-nine cent stamps to:
Ecoparti, 125 Miner St., Middletown, CT 06457
and they will send you free samples, let them know your colors!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dresses I Like

Here are some dresses that have jumped out at me. I find I really like a lot of dresses from Impression Bridal, Raylia Designs, and Jasmine Bridal. I don't know how I'll pick just one.

In the last two pictures, I like the Red spaghetti strap dress and the light pink in the middle of the three.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It Definately Was a LONG Weekend

May Long weekend in Saskatchewan. It was a classic repeat of every year. Friday was gorgeous until about 4 pm, and then it was cold and rainy all weekend. That's just the way it always happens around here.

We kicked off our long weekend festivities Thursday night with a few drinks with one of our friends for his 30th birthday. We played a little virtual golf and later went to a bar which features karaoke on Thursday nights. It was pretty low key, but we had a great time.

Friday it was back to work for one last day, but I had a pretty laid back day, spending most of it delivering a sold vehicle to a customer who lives a couple hours away. Managed to get a chance to stop at the golf store before I came back home, so I picked up a new pair of golf sandals.

Friday night was pretty low key, we took the puppy out for a drive in the country. We stopped down at the dam and she loved that, although it was pretty windy (not in Saskatchewan right) and the water was coming in pretty hard on the beach. We'll take her out there sometime again when it's nicer and she might get closer to the water.

Saturday... What did happen Saturday during the day... Oh! We took the dog out for another drive. We headed out to take a look at a cabin that is for sale that my parents are looking into buying. On the way back we stopped at his parents' place for a visit. We came home around 4, made a quick supper, and waited for Tom to arrive so we could head out for the festivities of the evening. We had a pretty good time at the party. It was a 30th birthday party for another one of Dan's friends.

We started off the evening with a scavenger hunt, and while on the hunt for your objects there were also projects to be completed. Some projects were taking pictures of some things, ie: a house number with 30 in it, and whatnot. It was a great time until we got to the rendezvous point... ie: small town bar, and there we had to find numbers which would match an envelope telling us what we had to do. I'm not big into public humiliation, nor am I very comfortable around Dan's friends yet, so when I had to roll a ping pong ball up one of Dan's pant legs and down the other... in the inside of his pants... and then he had to roll it through my shirt... I wasn't too thrilled. But we got through it and headed back to the farm where we all drank the night away.

Sunday was VERY uneventful. We got up late, and headed out for a late breakfast at 11ish. Then we headed back home and Tom stayed to hang out for the day, so we watched some movies, played a bit of Nintendo Wii, and barbecued supper. Tom left around midnight and we headed to bed since we had an early tee off time.

Monday morning, golfing in the rain and the cold, I wasn't horribly impressed, but I did it for Dan and he was nice enough to accept it when I refused to do the back nine as well. We headed back and stopped again to visit with his parents, mainly because when we went through we saw his brother was there, and we had some things to return from our scavenger hunt. We headed home in the early afternoon to try to recoup from our weekend in peace.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Choosing A Reception Venue

Some Things to Consider:

  1. Guest List: The size of the wedding can determine your budget and may rule out certain facilities. Have a number of guests in mind before contacting wedding locations, and be aware that many sites have several venues to accommodate different event sizes.
  2. Atmosphere: Is this a casual or formal event? Don't waste time looking at an affordable barn if you know you want a grand and traditional reception.
  3. The Look: Stop and look at the background of your ceremony and reception venues. Even if the room is the right size, if it has horrible carpeting, bad lighting, or questionable restrooms, then it may not be the perfect location for your wedding day dreams.
  4. Facilities: Don't forget the details. Is there enough parking and is it secure and well-lit? Is there a coatroom? Are there enough restrooms and electrical outlets? Will all your tables fit comfortably in the space?
  5. Inclusions: Find out what's included in the price of the site rental. Ask about (and look at) any tables, chairs, silverware, glassware, and china that is provided. (Do you like it?) More to inquire about: linens, bar service, cake cutting, toasting flutes, candles, changing rooms, dance floors, wait staff, and hours.
  6. Timing: Visit the reception site at the same time of day you'll be holding your reception. What looks warm and cozy at high noon may look cavernous by nightfall. If yours is an evening wedding, check the lighting and signage as well.
  7. Understanding: Make certain you understand the facility rules about deliveries and outside vendors. What times of day are deliveries allowed? Is there space to store equipment like tables and chairs if these items arrive a day ahead of the event? What time should the cake be delivered and where should it be placed? When can the florist begin setting up? Are there coolers for bouquets and centerpieces?
  8. DIY: Ask what you are allowed to bring onto the property. Can you have wine or a cake delivered -- or must you purchase these items from the site? Can you rent your own linens, china, or dance floor?
  9. Commitment: Think about how much time and energy you would need to invest in a space so that it will be wedding-ready for you. Nontraditional sites, such as a college campus, a park, or a beach, may rent space -- but may not offer equipment or help. All the work of bringing in tents, chairs, kitchen equipment, lights, and the like -- will be left to you. (Don't forget that someone will have to cart it all away at the end of the reception, too!)
  10. Deposits: Inquire about deposits and payment requirements and if you need to bring a check on the wedding day. Ask about taxes, service charges, and extra fees so you can budget accordingly. Also, be sure to keep your site rental contract in your wedding notebook so you can refer to it as needed.
  11. Weather: Partying outdoors? Have a backup plan in place (no matter where you live) so your event is not spoiled by an unexpected change in weather during the ceremony or reception. Look for a facility that has both indoor and outdoor sites so you easily can make a move inside or under cover. Remember, rain is not the only "bad" weather for a wedding; excessive heat, wind, fog, or cold may also affect your plans.
  12. Distance: Holding the ceremony and reception in one place is ideal but not always possible. In general, don't ask your guests to travel any more than necessary. Always be sure to provide maps with written directions and a phone number to call for assistance.
  13. Referrals: Wedding facilitators for many sites often keep lists of vendors. If you need a bakery, photographer, band, or rental china, ask your site contact for recommendations.
  14. Lists: About a month before the wedding, prepare a detailed checklist of items needed at the site. Then place each item into a chronological timeline of the day and assign a friend or relative to be in charge of each detail. This is a great way to ensure that the guestbook and pen(s) are set out (and collected after the reception); that guest favors are distributed on tables; that the bride's suitcase and purse are secured during the wedding.
  15. Cleanup: Who will be responsible for cleaning up after the event is over? Do rentals need to be removed right away or can they wait for pickup the next day? Assign a few relatives to corral leftover food, cake, favors, wine, and flowers if you want to take these things home. (Bring boxes and bags for this activity, too!)

Tent Tips

Big surprises can sneak up on a bride when planning a tented wedding or reception. To avoid being thrown for a loop, follow this advice from JoAnn Gregoli.

Check your town's sound ordinances and be sure to follow them. Gregoli also offers this helpful hint: "If you're going to have a wedding on your property, bake some cookies and deliver them while letting the neighbors know a wedding will be going on. Maybe they won't call the cops. A little ounce of kindness goes a long way."
Have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather. This could be as simple as having umbrellas on hand for escorting guests, or it could mean securing an indoor location as a backup space. "The Weather Channel will become your best friend," Gregoli says.
Forgetting small details can lead to big disasters. Be sure the space you are using has enough restrooms to handle your guest count. Find out in advance if you need a generator to handle power for the band, caterer, and lighting. Be sure there is enough parking, and that it is well lit (if not, consider giving flashlights as favors). Turn off sprinkler systems. Don't stake the tent over the septic system.
Don't go it alone. "This is one of the more difficult weddings to do," Gregoli says. "You need a support team that has done this before. Someone needs to give you advice so you're not stressing."
Found on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

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Wedding Planning Software

I stumbled upon a fantastic program today for wedding planning, ElmSoftware's iDo Wedding. They have a version for couples planning their own wedding that has a 30 day free trial. I downloaded it at home during my lunch hour today and it is FANTASTIC. I am very happy with it. It has options that you wouldn't imagine and a very easy to follow online tutorial to show you how to use it and all the added features you might not find without the tutorial. For $30 you can buy the product key for the downloaded program, or for $40 they will send you a CD copy. I am really considering buying this program at the end of my trial. It does almost everything. When you first go to use it, it asks for the name of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and a time. These all can be changed later if need be. It then asks if you would like to see the tutorial. It is long, and I'm going to go through it in parts as I need them, but it is very helpful.
Main Screen

You can then start entering contacts. Contacts are entered as individuals, so man, wife, children, are all entered separately. This seems tedious, but it helps out greatly and saves the address when you say "Save and Add New Contact" so you just enter names until you need to change the address. This helps greatly for later on when one is trying to arrange a seating plan and everyone is listed as an individual. It also gives you the statistics on your list, such as total numbers, numbers on groom's/bride's/both's lists, A / B lists, the number which do not have an entered address, etc. This is compatible to upload a list from Excel or Outlook.
Contact List

After that, you can start into the invitations. It asks you to select the people out of your list for all your invitations, then in the end gives you the total of invitations, how many (and which) people haven't been assigned an invitation, and even creates the wording for addressing your invitations and envelopes. It will print your labels from your invitation list right from this program. It then prepares your RSVP list, where as they start arriving, you can enter in the information for those coming and not, and even enter and keep track of meal choices (if needed). With the RSVPs you can enter names of escorts that were previously unknown. You can make changes to the RSVP list at anytime if needed.
Label / Report Printing

Once your RSVPs are in, then you can check out your attendees page. From here you can coordinate hotel rooms, flights, table seatings, etc.
Table Seating Arrangements

If has other features including a checklist, budget organizer, gift recordings - which also keeps track of your thank you notes sent out, time lines, events calendar, vendor organizer, etc.
Checklist and Timelines

I highly recommend this. I'm almost done putting my tenative guest list in here and it's fantastic because it does all the counting and thinking for you. I now know that most of the guests are my fiances, that he doesn't know many of the family members on his mother's list either, and that I have a lot of addresses to find. But I love the calendar feature and how everything is mapped out perfectly.

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