Monday, July 30, 2007

Stuff I Like: Veils

I had figured I wasn't going to wear a veil, but I really have my heart set on a short dress, or something a little more fun and flirty than bridal and traditional. My MIL to be is not too impressed with this she thinks the bride HAS to be formal and traditional. So my mom had the idea to compromise with her in an unusual way. Wear my short fun dress, but wear a veil to have more of a traditional bridal look. Sounds alright to me, the veil can come off at anytime, or I can at least dance the night away with it on, unlike some of those mattress skirts on the wedding dresses that my MIL likes. Yes Mattress Skirts. You know the ones that are all poufy and bunched up and looks like you took the springs out of your mattress and are now wearing it around as a skirt. (No offense to anyone who's style that is, I just look at them and think I feel like a mattress.)
So anyway... I did some searching and I did come up with some really cute veils that I don't mind.
I love the scattered crystals on these ones. I prefer the look of the 2 layers, but the single layer would be lighter and more wispy.

The shimmer veil is really gorgeous. The website said it's difficult to see indoors, but it looks fantastic when the light catches it. Very subtle, and then Bam!

The ribbon and cord edged ones are simple and cute/ I think it would look awesome if you could get ones where the ribbon is different colored. Like Blue or something.

But anyway, there's my finds of the day. Hope it gives you some ideas.

Planning: Weather and your Wedding

I found a helpful service from that allows you to register your wedding location and date in order to receive weather details on it. It will give you average weather for your wedding, until you get within a closer deadline, at which point it gives you a weather forecast for the 10 days before your wedding. You are also able to enter wedding events (ie. bachlorette, engagement party, wedding shower, etc.) and receive the details on those as well. Head to and chose the "Wedding Planner" under the "Plan Ahead" tab to start your personalized wedding weather forecaster.

Friday, July 27, 2007

DIY: Veils

I found this online in my travels and had it saved to my computer. I cannot remember where it came from.

"The wedding veil is an essential part of your ensemble. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for your bridal veil, you could get creative and make one yourself! This is not as difficult as it may sound – with the right supplies and a little creativity anyone can craft a beautiful wedding veil that will remain an heirloom for years to come. Imagine how special it would be to hand the bridal veil that you made yourself and wore at your wedding to your daughter on her special day!

Supplies Needed:
First, you need to gather your supplies. Here is a list of things you may need to make your veil. Most of the items on this list can be purchased at your local craft store such as JoAnn's or Ben Franklin Crafts.
* Button hole thread
* White, or clear headband
* Velcro
* Batting
* Wide ribbon in white
* Floral wire in white
* Clear plastic hair combs
* White tulle
* Adornments like beads, pearls, crystals or rhinestones
* Hot glue gun

How to:
Lay your tulle on a flat surface and decide what length you want your veil to be. Then, fold the veil in half and weight it down so it will lay flat. Use chalk to draw a curved shape for the bottom of the veil then trim accordingly with fabric shears.
Now you'll want to unfold the tulle and gather the straight edge, or top of the veil. To accomplish this, you'll need thick, button type thread and a running stitch across the top of the tulle. Then, push the tulle together to create crimping. Now the top of the veil is smaller so that it can be attached to the headpiece.
Using your hot glue gun, attach the crimped end of the tulle to the headband. Once dry, use hot glue to attach the adornments such as satin or lace ribbon, miniature silk flowers, pearls, or stones to the headband.
For some expert guidance, check with the craft stores in your area. Many of them hold classes on making veils. At the least, they may be able to give you some helpful advice or direct you to a book of patterns so that you can see photographic examples and ideas."

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life: Busy Busy

I realize how long it's been since I posted and for that I am very very sorry. It's been stupid busy around our happy shack lately. My birthday was on the 14th, and for that Dan had a great weekend ready for me. We went to the city and shopped on the Saturday, he gave me a bunch of cash and said get whatever you like, so I stocked up my meager (then anyway) wardrobe with some tops, some dainty underthings, and some new jeans. Sunday we went out for breakfast, then off golfing, to our regular season scheduled slo-pitch game, and then out to Macoun for a relaxing drive and a coffee. It was a busy, but relaxing, weekend.
Then this past weekend we were roped into playing a ball tournament. Busy weekend, yes. Relaxing weekend... uh, a loud resounding No. 40 + Degree heat, 7 games in 2 days, and we won the B Side Finals. No air conditioning in the vehicle made it even worse with the hour drive to the park where we were playing, starting each day off with a 9 a.m. game and a temperature already into the 30s., with a humidity that felt like it was in the 50s.
In all that heat I even managed to catch a summer cold, which is still with me, although slowly getting better, and I feel like hell.
We each took the day off yesterday to head into the U.S.A. for the North Dakota State Fair. It was a slower day and a cooler one, which made it perfect in our books for fair going. We took in a beach party concert and a classic car show at the end of our evening to make for an excellent day. But the deer we almost hit on the way home was certainly a damper on our fun. We encountered 2 others on the rest of the drive home, but not nearly as close of a call as the first one who crossed our path... literally... about 10 yards up from us on the highway. Dan hit the brakes, HARD, and we managed to slow enough that he was more than halfway across the road, so Dan let off the brakes and went around him. Thank goodness for no oncoming traffic. But when we went around the deer, he was sooo close. I could have reached out the window (had it been open) and slapped it on the way by it was so close to us. It was certainly a very frightening experience.
But, I'll work on a few new posts over the next couple days and try to get something new wrote up here. Sorry for the lack of new reading material.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Color: Red Ideas

As you can tell, red is s hugely popular color. I even had to narrow down which red pictures I posted in here to keep the number down. There are some gorgeous ideas in here that would look great in any color.