Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Father - Daughter Dance Songs

Need a great song for a father daughter dance? Here are some traditional and unusual choices. Want to bring tears to the eyes of all the guests at your wedding reception? Find a sentimental song for the father daughter dance. This dance traditionally follows the bride and groom's romantic first dance together and is often followed by a mother-son dance. But what song should you play for a father-daughter dance? The problem is, there aren't all that many songs written about fathers and daughters. Here are some traditional and unusual choices for you to consider.

1) Songs About Fathers and Daughters or Parents and Children. Some of these songs are used frequently, so they might be a little cliche or sappy.. However, weddings are all about tradition and sentimentality, so if you love one of these songs, don't worry about if others have used this song before.

Trace Adkins-- And Then They Do
Bob Carlisle-- Butterfly Kisses
Kenny Chesney-- There Goes My Life
Marc Cohn-- The Things We've Handed Down
Holly Dunn-- Daddy's Hands
Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack-- Sunrise, Sunset
Amy Grant--- Father's Eyes
Carole King-- Child of Mine
Billy Joel-- Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)
Elton John-- Blessed
Elton John-- Circle of Life
Al Martino-- Daddy's Little Girl
John Mayers-- Daughters
Martina McBride-- In My Daughter's Eyes
Joni Mitchell-- Circle Game
Paul Simon-- Father and Daughter
Red Sovine-- Daddy's Girl

2) Songs About Admiration, Heroism, and Thanks. The father-daughter song is all about honoring the special relationship between these two people. Songs that say, "You're my hero and you mean so much to me," are appropriate and sweet. Here are some suggestions.

Ashanti-- Thank You
Mariah Carey-- Hero
Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole-- Unforgettable
Celine Dion-- Because You Loved Me
Natalie Grant-- I'll Always Be Your Baby
Josh Groban-- You Raise Me Up
Bette Midler-- Wind Beneath My Wings
Kenny Rogers-- You Decorated My Life

3) Songs About Saying Goodbye. This may be especially appropriate if the bride is young or if the bride and groom are about to move a fair distance away. Songs that say, "This is goodbye, but not forever,' or "I'll always be with you," will draw a few tears. Try these out:

Dido-- Here With Me
Amy Grant-- I Will Remember You
Faith Hill-- There You'll Be
Ben E. King-- Stand By Me
Madonna-- I'll Remember
Simon and Garfunkel-- Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Simple Minds-- Don't You Forget About Me
Carrie Underwood-- Whenever You Remember
James Taylor-- You've Got a Friend
Lee Ann Wolmak-- I Hope You Dance
Heartland -- I Loved Her First