Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I've been scanning the websites of some of myfavorite stores for accessories for my wedding dress. I love the stockings shown below. I have them in black already, but am really considering buying a white pair. I also thought about just buying a pair of plain white thigh highs and sewing a blue bow onto them for the "something blue".

I found this earring set at the same store. I like the rinestone drop earrings at the left side. They would match the necklace I liked from another one.

This is the necklace I liked. It's just a simple rinestone choker. I have always prefered chokers and shorter necklaces, plus it would look great with a strapless or spaghetti strap dress.

Hair. What to do with hair! I haven't any clue yet. I was growing my hair out for about 6 months before the engagement, and have decided to keep growing it out now as well. Here are some hair items I liked. The first picture is just a sparkle headband, I've seen them in a few stores and they come in many colors, but I just want silver. I saw a cute idea in one of my bridal magazines where the model had 3 of them spaced apart in her hair. I loved the way it looked.

This was just simple and cute. Just a satin ribbon tied in a bow.

These are adorable. I love stars and these blue and silver star bobbi pins were just up my alley.

Everything except the necklace was found at Hot Topic. The necklace was found at Claire's.
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