Monday, July 2, 2007

Life: A Side Finals

So, we played ball this weekend. 1 game on Saturday, 4 on Sunday. We played very well, and in the end we lost the A side final. But it was a good weekend and a lot of fun. It's a stat holiday here in Canada today, since Canada Day fell on sunday and is nice to have a day to recover from the weekend.

It's also my fiance's birthday today, and I have to get out and pick up a gift for him. I bought him the Tiger Woods Golf for the Wii, but I gave it to him early, mainly since we were in the store and he wanted it, so I said happy early birthday and bought it for him. But it doesn't seem like a birthday present to me, and I plan to head out and find him something else here today. He needs a new watch for at work, so I'll grab him one and find something else for him as well. I've finished cleaning up the house already this morning, and I'll have to call a few of his friends and see if they want to do supper with us tonight when he gets home from work.