Monday, July 30, 2007

Stuff I Like: Veils

I had figured I wasn't going to wear a veil, but I really have my heart set on a short dress, or something a little more fun and flirty than bridal and traditional. My MIL to be is not too impressed with this she thinks the bride HAS to be formal and traditional. So my mom had the idea to compromise with her in an unusual way. Wear my short fun dress, but wear a veil to have more of a traditional bridal look. Sounds alright to me, the veil can come off at anytime, or I can at least dance the night away with it on, unlike some of those mattress skirts on the wedding dresses that my MIL likes. Yes Mattress Skirts. You know the ones that are all poufy and bunched up and looks like you took the springs out of your mattress and are now wearing it around as a skirt. (No offense to anyone who's style that is, I just look at them and think I feel like a mattress.)
So anyway... I did some searching and I did come up with some really cute veils that I don't mind.
I love the scattered crystals on these ones. I prefer the look of the 2 layers, but the single layer would be lighter and more wispy.

The shimmer veil is really gorgeous. The website said it's difficult to see indoors, but it looks fantastic when the light catches it. Very subtle, and then Bam!

The ribbon and cord edged ones are simple and cute/ I think it would look awesome if you could get ones where the ribbon is different colored. Like Blue or something.

But anyway, there's my finds of the day. Hope it gives you some ideas.