Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Color: Orange Ideas

Okay, so not all of it will be orange. But most of it.

I have always loved the color coordinated candy. As you gathered from the blue post I'm sure. Here they have gone all out with the candy buffet, another thing I like, but I'm not sure if we'll implement it or not. I worry with the candy buffet that kids or greedy guests will end up ruining it for the rest.

Just a cute chair decorating idea. Would be cute for guest cards.

I just loved these orange thank you cards!

This was a really cute idea. They just took monogram stickers and stuck them to the top of stir sticks. It would be just as easy to print them off the computer and glue them on as well.

These were really cute centerpiece ideas, with or without the flowers. I love the glass rocks.

Okay, so these are not really orange, but they are pretty and I love the signature cocktail idea. Especially since my favorite drink is a Bellini, which is a blended drink... White wine or champagne, peach schnapps, and frozen peach ice puree. Mmmm. And a Bellini is orange.

Okay, again not orange, I missed it in the blue post. It is a really nice and really bold boutonnière though.

These were showcased in a couple of orange weddings, it's a little more peachy orange, but it's still nice. I like the signs, they were put, in this case, on the backs of the bride's and groom's chairs. And the candles lighting the pathway. Gorgeous.