Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Color: Blue Ideas

It's been a slow day at work, so I've spent much time today trying to keep from going stir crazy. Having a blue and orange wedding myself, I've been looking up colors and decor ideas. Here are some gorgeous blues I've found, but always keep in mind, the color can always be changed.

I love the floating candles in the pool. The fringe on the bar to match the fringed umbrellas is cute. I'm not too sure I'd put the large vases on the ground, but we plan on having a real party at our reception lol. I know someone would break at least one, and I'd worry too much about someone getting hurt. On the tables is where they'd go for me.
I love the chair covers in the second picture, the blue accents at the edge of the aisle runner (which in this wedding is actually just scattered sea glass dropped at the edges), and the hanging vases down the sides of the aisle.

These were very cute ideas I came upon when searching for blue ideas. I thought the candle holders were fun, but still elegant. There's just something about taper candles that always seem elegant, but are very cute and fun at the same time when they are in some kind of bolder color. I keep bright orange and yellow ones around the house. I liked the bright ice bucket with matching bottles and "crazy straws". They would look cute anywhere and would be a huge hit with kids and adults. The small clear containers filled with confetti was the icing on the cake for me. They are gorgeous! The woman who's wedding these were taken at apparently had painted the tops of the containers herself with the guest's names and table numbers.

I love the color coordinated candy favors. They picked out different candies and used a folded paper separator by the looks of it to put many different items in one longer favor box. They picked very interesting flavors, such as coconut and lime (etc.) to stray from the A-Typical set of flavors. The woven table covering in the second picture is what caught my eye. It was not descript as to whether it was a whole table cloth or just a place mat setting, but the idea of it covering the entire table may be a little overwhelming. It would look great as a color coordinated centerpiece base though...

I like the color combo in these pics. Here's a showcase of orange and blue. :) But what I really love is the clear acrylic chairs. Wow!! Think of the decorating possibilities with those!

Although I'm looking at brighter and bolder blues, I like the look of the tiffany blue example. I love how the ribbon band around the centerpiece ties into a matching ribbon on the favor boxes, and I love the stick on gem on the favors as well. I also like how these pictures show that coordinating PAPER plates can look gorgeous and not at all tacky. Especially for anyone, like us, who is planning to take care of the wedding sans caterer, and doesn't want to have to rent a ton of china. And note the giant "diamond" ring at the base of the centerpiece. I've seen those advertised as paper weights. They would be great when used as part of the decor, and then (cleaned up if needed) and given to bridesmaids, mothers, and other VIPs of your wedding as gifts.

Just some cute blues I stumbled upon and found pretty. I like the table runner and side bows on the table cloth. And I love the bold acrylic cake base.

The car decal is soooo cute. It is just a static cling sticker, cut precisely around the lettering giving it a painted on look that is non permanent and will not ruin the finish of the car.

The silver flutes are stunning, but the labelless wine bottle with the hand painted initial on it is the part that steals the show. I know the torches in the second picture are not blue, but they came from the same wedding on the beach as the first set of pictures and I just had to include them here.