Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DIY: Square Lanterns

I thought these were gorgeous! I can't remember where I saw them, but I figured that they would be super easy to make. I haven't done one yet, but I did a quick paper mock up with looseleaf and some pencils and it worked just fine. So here are my instructions:
Fabric / Paper / Ribbon / String
Wooden Dowels / Straws / Something to use as legs and supports
Glue (or Tape lol)

Okay, here is what I did in my Mock Up...

I made the frame by taking 4 sticks for legs, and (taped because it was a mock up and it was all I had available) glued 8 supports in squares, one at 1/2 inch from top and one from one inch from bottom of legs, to form an open rectangle. Something like this horrid quick MS Paint example:

I suppose if you are using a rigid cardstock paper or something that you may not need the support sticks (shown in red), although still recommended for strength.

Wrap fabric, paper, or whatever around the legs and secure with glue (or tape, or staples).

Decorate with string, ribbon, beads, etc. Picture above used red fabric and yellow string for accent.

A couple of ideas:
A friend of mine thought it would be cool to just use ribbon and wrap it so it intersects and weaves and crosses and eventually covers most all of where the fabric or paper would cover, except for small holes that one would leave open, that way you could put a candle in it and have the light shine through the openings.
Which gave me another idea, and that was to layer paper underneath with a design cut out so that you could have a design that would show when there is a candle or light inside.