Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Life: It's Starting to Balance Out

So, the new bosses are here to stay and the old bosses are enjoying retirement. It's been busy and stressful, but things are seeming to begin to balance out. I am still losing my current position at work, but I will be heading into sales to give that a try. I'm a little worried, but being the only one in sales from the original ownership it seems that people are coming to me as a familiar face, so I could do alright. Once the mass confusion of the ownership change settles down a bit, it should be a lot easier.

The family issues that I briefly mentioned earlier have found their way to an end. My parents were possibly going to be splitting up, but they found a new love for each other in the midst of their crisis and have decided to give it another go. It seems that their love has grown due to this and we hope for (more) wonderful memories in their new/continuing relationship with each other.

I attended a "Passion Party" last night held by one of my girlfriends. We had about 10 women there and we had a fantastic time. I found some items I really loved, and I have decided that I'd like to host one myself. It was soo much fun. I found some awesome items for the wedding, from beauty products for myself to gifts for my bridesmaids. If you want to find out more about it, check them out at