Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flowers: Alternative Feather Bouquets

I saw these on and fell in love, I couldn't find DIY instructions, but the picture of the set of 4 in the box were a DIY project posted by another bride. I loved these, for bridesmaids especially, and they could be altered and created smaller for grooms men's boutonnières. I also included feather centerpieces for additional inspiration.

Now, I have always wanted roses in my bouquet, well, since we got engaged and I started thinking of bouquets anyway, and I love the feathers too, but I found some amazing ideas for combinations of flowers and feathers. I think that the combination would look fantastic for the bride's bouquet and really set it apart from the bridesmaids'. I know the orange roses don't have feathers, I added that here as my own inspiration as they are the color of roses that I want. I'm trying to picture whether to go with a white feather base or a light light blue base. What do you think?