Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Life: It's All Falling Apart

So let's start with work. The new bosses came in yesterday. Our original owners and the new guys were running busy yesterday, and it was a very busy day trying to get everything done and taken care of, but we managed and today for me has been a bit slower. About like normal this afternoon anyway. Sounds alright doesn't it? Well, this morning, the new manager informed me that I am going to be replaced with some guy from one of their other dealerships. Then he tries to give me a "consolation" prize that I could be a service adviser (been there, done that, and would rather shoot myself point blank in the face with a shotgun rather than do that again), a parts person (um how about No), or a receptionist (woo hoo really? wow, now I can flush my life down the toilet like I really always wanted!). He's going on about "we'll find you a position that you'll enjoy" and "you can always be our backup when the idiot we are replacing you with is gone on vacation or something". Yeah, nice consolation prize. Why don't you come out and tell me that you don't think that a 24 year old woman should be doing the job that I have been doing for a year and a half now. You want to find me a job that I really enjoy? Wait, I know!! IT'S THE ONE I'VE BEEN DOING!! I can't believe that this is happening, and I tell you, when it rains, it pours... This came on top of some serious family issues that I prefer not to speak about quite yet.