Wednesday, August 22, 2007

RE: A Lovely Comment from Eleen

Eleen said:
"Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for sharing all your awesome and thorough research! I'm getting married in Jan 08 and stumbled across your site while researching color ideas. I was amazed - I'm sure you've saved me countless hours! You've found some great stuff. I've bookmarked your site and can't wait to see what other gems you find. I'm commenting on the post, but really there are countless others that are really fun and helpful too. Happy planning, and congrats on your engagement!"

Thank you sooo much Eleen! I love to hear that someone other than just myself reads this thing. :) I hope that I can help you more as the big day nears. Congratulations to yourself and your fiance, and be sure to let me know how your day goes! I love getting news from readers and like to know that I'm helping out other people who are trying to plan their weddings.