Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Party: Items I Loved

I had so much fun last night. I just had to show some of my favorite items! I loved these three items.
The first one is the body shimmer, it was a gorgeous lotion that didn't feel grainy like some other sparkly lotions do, it's a very subtle shimmer though, a little too subtle for my liking.
The second picture is the Jewels body glitter lotion. I liked it and it was subtle enough, but not too much so. I only found that it seemed to leave more sparkles in my palms than it did on my arms, but we were doing it all in a hurry trying to pass items around the room.
The third seemed to be the best. It's a gold dust, and it had smaller glitter than the jewels lotion, but it sparkled beautifully in the light. It seemed to stay on very well too, which the jewels lotion seemed to fall off on everything you brushed against.

The candle was amazing. We smelled and tried the Blissful Breeze and it was fantastic. What it is was a massage oil candle. You lit the wick, let it melt a bit, then poured the melted wax on your skin, it never got too hot, and massaged away. The scent was amazing, it lasted all night.

These two are a little more naughty. The Nipple Nibblers was really good. I've seen it in stores, but never had a chance to try it before. One of the girls there said she had it and she uses it as a lip balm. The consultant gave us all a bit on coffee stir sticks and told us to try it as a lip balm and it was fantastic. It tingled just a bit and it tasted great.
The Fireworks spray lotion was sticky, but it tasted fantastic. We were able to try both the passion fruit and the hot fudge. There are 10 different flavors that it comes in though. It warmed to the touch and was hot when licked off. It's definately one I'll be picking up when I host my party. I wanted to pick it up right away, but she only had the mint, hot fudge, and raspberry in stock with her. I'm looking to get the cherry and the passion fruit.