Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It Definately Was a LONG Weekend

May Long weekend in Saskatchewan. It was a classic repeat of every year. Friday was gorgeous until about 4 pm, and then it was cold and rainy all weekend. That's just the way it always happens around here.

We kicked off our long weekend festivities Thursday night with a few drinks with one of our friends for his 30th birthday. We played a little virtual golf and later went to a bar which features karaoke on Thursday nights. It was pretty low key, but we had a great time.

Friday it was back to work for one last day, but I had a pretty laid back day, spending most of it delivering a sold vehicle to a customer who lives a couple hours away. Managed to get a chance to stop at the golf store before I came back home, so I picked up a new pair of golf sandals.

Friday night was pretty low key, we took the puppy out for a drive in the country. We stopped down at the dam and she loved that, although it was pretty windy (not in Saskatchewan right) and the water was coming in pretty hard on the beach. We'll take her out there sometime again when it's nicer and she might get closer to the water.

Saturday... What did happen Saturday during the day... Oh! We took the dog out for another drive. We headed out to take a look at a cabin that is for sale that my parents are looking into buying. On the way back we stopped at his parents' place for a visit. We came home around 4, made a quick supper, and waited for Tom to arrive so we could head out for the festivities of the evening. We had a pretty good time at the party. It was a 30th birthday party for another one of Dan's friends.

We started off the evening with a scavenger hunt, and while on the hunt for your objects there were also projects to be completed. Some projects were taking pictures of some things, ie: a house number with 30 in it, and whatnot. It was a great time until we got to the rendezvous point... ie: small town bar, and there we had to find numbers which would match an envelope telling us what we had to do. I'm not big into public humiliation, nor am I very comfortable around Dan's friends yet, so when I had to roll a ping pong ball up one of Dan's pant legs and down the other... in the inside of his pants... and then he had to roll it through my shirt... I wasn't too thrilled. But we got through it and headed back to the farm where we all drank the night away.

Sunday was VERY uneventful. We got up late, and headed out for a late breakfast at 11ish. Then we headed back home and Tom stayed to hang out for the day, so we watched some movies, played a bit of Nintendo Wii, and barbecued supper. Tom left around midnight and we headed to bed since we had an early tee off time.

Monday morning, golfing in the rain and the cold, I wasn't horribly impressed, but I did it for Dan and he was nice enough to accept it when I refused to do the back nine as well. We headed back and stopped again to visit with his parents, mainly because when we went through we saw his brother was there, and we had some things to return from our scavenger hunt. We headed home in the early afternoon to try to recoup from our weekend in peace.

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