Friday, May 25, 2007

Ecofetti: Tossing Alternative

I can't remember how I came across this site, but I absolutely love the idea. I'm going to order some samples to check it out before I place an order, I also have to figure out how much I'll need if I do order, but they make it incredibly easy on their website by telling you how much they put in their envelopes and cones (can be ordered as kits, or pre assembled items). I found that the cones they offer seem much larger than the ones I've "designed" at home myself, so I'll likely go ahead with making my own cones and simply ordering their ecofetti for my filler. I figure by their sizing guidelines, I should need 1/8th cup of ecofetti to fill my homemade cones, so one large bag of ecofetti would make 96 cones for me. 2 large bags, one blue, one orange, should do us just perfectly. Well, likely more than perfectly, but I'd have left over to be able to find something else to do with it. Better numbers can come later.

"Ecofetti is the new safe and accepted wedding toss with no cleanup worries. Water-soluble and completely biodegradable confetti - either hose it away or let nature help with the cleanup...

The perfect alternative to rice or birdseed, no slipping or staining, and ecofetti flutters easily to the ground."
Ecofetti is packaged with a scoop: Bags contain enough for each guest to have 1 rounded Tablespoon for the toss. If using a basket for guests to help themselves, you may want to increase the amount ordered - some enthusiastic guests can take 2 to 3 times that amount...

Small - 25 scoop bag; approximately 3 cups; ($7.95)
Medium - 50 scoop bag; approximately 6 cups; ($10.95)
Large - 100 scoop bag; approximately 12 cups. ($19.95)

To see water-soluble ecofetti for yourself and check out our colors send a large self-addressed stamped envelope (traditional business size holds 6 samples) with 2 thirty-nine cent stamps to:
Ecoparti, 125 Miner St., Middletown, CT 06457
and they will send you free samples, let them know your colors!

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