Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Flower Girl Baskets

Call me cheap, call me cost conscious, just don't call me someone who throws their hard earned money away. I've been thinking again, this time about flower girl baskets. Now, I couldn't even comprehend it when I saw prices ranging from $10 (very reasonable, but typically very plain, almost blah) to $40 + for anything relatively ornate. My God who can justify that? I've searched the internet for DIY instructions, but really didn't come up with anything other than find a small basket, wicker, cloth, plastic, whatever you want, and decorate it with paint, cloth, lace, ribbon, flowers, charms, beads, whatever you want. Aye Aye, Will Do, No Problemo.

Now I just have to brag for a moment, because I found a real steal, and really didn't even realize it immediately. Lol. We were out and about doing some shopping and decided to look through the Easter clearances to find some cheap toys for our puppy. Jessie will go through a stuffed toy in roughly 45 seconds, from fully intact to mountains of fluff and slobbery "stuffed animal carcass" pieces, but they are her favorite things and long after the fluff is gone to the garbage, the "carcass" lives on for quite sometime. But you don't want to buy her anything that costs more than a buck or two.

We found a few ranging from $0.24 - $0.89 in the clearance bins. Including one Bunny which was attached to a small colorful wicker basket for $0.65. So once we were home we cut the string tying the bunny into the basket, and the dog loved her new toy... briefly. But what to do with this damned basket... LIGHTBULB!! Into the closet it went and I'll decorate it at a later date for my flower girl basket.

Bingo Bango. And now I can have a basket that looks however I want it to look.

Here are some cute ones I've found in my searches for a little inspiration:

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