Friday, May 4, 2007

DIY: Wire Wrapped Candle

These are uber cute! I've seen them on many sites and have loved them. Here's what you need to do:

- Jewelery wire: How much depends on your candle size and your preferences. The more the better, you can always cut off the extra, or if it's spooled, just start at the loose end and cut the spool off when you have your desired amount.
- Charms, Beads, Sequins, Whatever you want that has a hole to thread the wire through.

- Candle: Whatever kind of candle(s) you want.

1 ) Thread your beads, etc. onto your wire.
2 ) Wrap the wire around the candle.
3 )
Place beads in random (or not) places on the candle. You can secure them with a small amount of glue, a
crimping bead, or just by manipulating your wire to hold them in place. Once the wire is really tight there's no need to secure the beads unless you plan on moving the candle a lot.

These can be used for gifts, centerpieces, or just to jazz up a plain candle. Use your imagination and let it take you anywhere. These can be great for weddings, baby showers, holidays, birthda
y presents (thinking birth stones), etc., etc..

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