Friday, May 11, 2007

DIY: Wine Charms

I made these last night as part of my mom's mother's day present. She and Dad are wine people, they enjoy a glass every now and then, and they like the expensive stuff... okay, Dad likes the expensive stuff that tastes like grape (although that's debatable) nail polish remover, and Mom likes the fruity stuff with slightly less alcohol content. But we all like going over to Mom and Dad's, sitting around a bonfire and having a glass of wine, whatever type we all prefer.

How to Make Wine Charms:

Fig 1.
- Earring Hoops (also known as manipulating hoops) OR Ring Sized Memory Wire.
- Beads. Whatever you want, just try to be sure before you buy that they will fit over your hoops/wire.
- Charms and Split Rings (a.k.a. Jump Rings). If wanted.
- Pliers, needle nosed are the best.
- Wire Cutters, if using memory wire these could be handy to trim the excess.

1. If using memory wire, make a loop or hook at one end (I just made hooks and was sure that my beads couldn't slip off).
Fig 3 & 4.
2. String on your desired beads / pattern of beads that you wish. Fig 2.
3. Close the open end of your wire / hoop. For memory wire, trim any excess wire if necessary and create a second hook. For Manipulating/Earring hoops, bend the end of the wire to a 90° degree angle so it sticks straight up and will fit into the receiving end. Fig 3 & 4.
4. If Charms are desired: Attach a small jump ring to your charm and then attach the jump ring between the selected beads. This can be done during the stringing process as well, that's when I put mine on.
5. To put the wine charm on a glass, simply slip it around a wineglass stem and close it by putting the stopper piece of wire into the eyelet or your hook into your loop/hook. Fig 5.

If it doesn't want to hold, gently pull the hoop open so that it will have some tension when closed.

I found some very cute (and very tiny) photo frame charms and my local WalMart. I picked these up and printed 1.7cm x 1.4cm photos of the family for Mom's mothers day presents. I put the tiny pictures in and they look gorgeous. I know she'll love them.

Here are some pictures for inspiration:

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