Thursday, May 3, 2007


I've been trying to pick Bridesmaids. I have a general - note that, VERY general - idea of who I would like. Unfortunately, due to everyone's very busy and contrasting schedules, I don't know a couple of these girls nearly as well as I'd like, but I love them to death. If we hung out even just a tiny bit more I'd go so far to say, as far as girl friends go, they would be my best friends. But can I pick them? Would it make them uncomfortable? We try to get together and whatnot but a lot of the time our schedules just clash. Or should I just pick some family members that I'm not really close to, but would seem to be a more traditional/family pleasing option over the girls I love to death and think are the greatest women in the world, but don't get to see as often as I'd like? Oh the horrid choices when planning a wedding.

But I did get a cute idea for jewelery for the bridesmaids to wear. Since we're having a more casual wedding, and I'm leaning towards giving the girls color options and letting them pick out the dresses themselves, we might have all the girls wearing something slightly different from one another, and possibly different colors or shades... So how to tie them all together and give them a uniform look? I figure to match all their bouquets and set them up in matching jewelery. I saw a very cute bead necklace that is stupid simple, but really quite pretty in it's own simplistic way. Just buy your beads and your ribbon and tie them all together. I'm not sure if I like just how big the beads in the picture are, I may pick a different size... Cute & casual, but we'll see what my girls say, plus it can be worn shorter or a bit longer depending on each girl's preference.

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