Monday, May 28, 2007

Invitations: Research and Development

I posted before about my favorite type of invitation style. I've done a little research, and I've figured that I'll need probably (aka... so far) almost 200 invitations. To order them from the company that offers that particular style, I am looking at $799.00 for 200, with envelopes. $126.00 if I want them to print 200 RSVP cards for me. Now, I priced it out to buy all the supplies and them print and make them myself. I priced out cardstock, envelopes, and ribbon, enough to make 200 (plus extra) invitations and reply cards. I got a price of $80.00. Now am I the only one that is absolutely shocked by this difference? $80.00 compared to $925.00. It sure made my decision to invest the time into making them much easier, plus by making them I am no longer restricted to their colors and options. I can print whatever I please and use the bold colors that I want.

My Mood: Shocked