Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Picking Favorites

So, I'd posted not long ago about the dresses I liked for a wedding dress. As everyone I'm sure has figured out, I'm not a traditional girl. So here goes my favorites out of the last post.

Number 1: so far. I don't know why or how to explain why I love this dress so much. The flirty short/long combination just grabs my attention. It does come in white and I think it would look good in the white too. It's certainly different... maybe that's why...

Number 2: I also love the matching shawl, which does come with the dress. I think it would look really cute in white.

Number 3: I like this very much, it comes in white, but I'd likely lose the fade at the bottom, I'd have to contact the designer and find out if I can get white with a blue or orange fade.

Number 4: Comes in white, again, quite cute, was my number 1 favorite until I saw the top two dresses.

Number 5: I like the one shown in red, I think it would look alright in white.

Number 6: I like the opening in the back, I'm not too sure about the ribbon wrapping under the breasts though. Might not look as good in white.

Number 7: I LOVE this, but unlike the others it only comes in black. :(

My Mood: Bored