Thursday, June 7, 2007

Big Changes

Well, we just discovered this past Friday that my Fiance has been picked to begin an industrial mechanics apprenticeship. This is great and horrible all at the same time. I am soo stressed out about it! The good thing is that he gets to acquire a skilled trade, the company he works for pays for all his schooling and tools, and that he will no longer have to be on shift work. Weekends are optional, except during "overhauls", and overtime is plenty. He'll be working once again with a few good work friends of his.

The horrible thing is that now he'll be gone for 2 months at a time, once a year, for the next four years. We don't know when these will occur, where he will be sent to school (2 or 5 hours away). The company does put him up while he's at school, whether in company owned condos or a hotel, but it doesn't ease anything in my head. He can get sent off to another town for a few weeks for an overhaul at the drop of a hat. So any plans that may have came up about kids or moving or buying/building a new home will have to be postponed for about 4 years. And to kick it all off it's about a $6 an hour pay drop. Yes, I said Drop.

We don't know when he's going to start in the new position. His hours are going to change, could be good, could be bad. We're used to 12 hour shift work. When he's working, he's working, but he gets some nice stretches of 5 - 6 days off at a time. Now he'll be back to a daily 8-4 job, so it'll take a bit of getting used to the new schedule.

I know we'll be alright, but it's a change I definitely was not prepared for. Horribly unexpected and we don't know all the finite little details, too many questions without answers as of yet. It makes me very nervous, worried, and certainly scared. But we'll make it, I know we will. We'll know more details on Tuesday when he's back to work. Or at least, so I hope.

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