Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cake Stands (and a couple more cute cakes)

Well, one of my almost forgotten items was a cake stand. Good thing I have lots of time, because these things seem to hide in the woodwork and suddenly it's like... "Oh For F*** Sakes, I'll need a ______!" So this time we'll fill in the blank with "Cake Stand". I started looking online in a Google search for cake stands, and I found some gorgeous ones with less than gorgeous price tags, such as these:

But not gorgeous enough to spend $150 - $250 on.

So I searched through websites for Walmart, K-mart, and Target. I found the best (online at least) selection at Target. Who also covered what I did see at the other two. Here are some cute, although less flashy, cake stands from Target:

But for ranging around $20 - 40, they can be prettied up and would be just as good as the expensive ones.

But as for a couple more cute cakes: Here they are.

Ahh, Porn for the Bride to Be. Lol.

My Mood: Happy