Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a Week... Already

What a horrid week. Already. The weekend started it all off. Normally not so bad, visited with the parents for a lot of it... but Saturday we ended up with a pen in the laundry, which made it to the dryer... yup... ink alllllll over. But after some panic, a little crying (I was stressed already and that certainly didn't help, nor did the fight Dan and I had when I saw it and panicked), and a LOT of scrubbing with about a dozen different products, I had most of it out. Dan grabbed a can of "Erase" from his work and that took the rest right out. But before that, the only product that did anything for it was nail polish remover. Keep that in mind if you ever encounter this problem.

Sunday, more scrubbing - with the Erase stuff, a little house work, and another fight. It's been very stressful lately. Dan started a new job on the 18th, and he's working some pretty long hours right now, 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it's been interesting.

Monday!! I hate Monday!! I got in to work, to be reminded that our Service Manager and our Parts Manager are on vacation, and oh, Jen, would you go help in the shop by doing parts (which I know little about), Service (Which I've done before at my last dealership), and your own job? Yeah... Thanks a lot whoever approved those vacations. But I made it through, got done work at 6pm, instead of 4:30/5 ish like normal, and had to play ball at 6:30. Mad rush down there, starting to unwind. Mind you very slowly as the bottle of beer I'd snagged to take down with me, I dropped it as I just got into the dugout and it broke... in my ball bag. And around the 5th inning someone hit a ball majorly foul, and FAR. FAR FAR FAR. Way farther than a foul ball should travel. And it hit where? 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count. Yup. My Windshield. No bouncing off the hood even to slow it down, just smack in my windshield. I drive a Suzuki Vitara. You could not guess in this area of Saskatchewan how hard it is to find a windshield for one of those. But I found someplace in town that could get it, and it'll be here sometime next week. Mental Note: In the meantime, switch license plate over to the Mustang, it's summer and time to drive it again anyway.

Tues & Wednesday: Same thing, no ball Tuesday, but had to rush to Inlaw to be's place in Macoun (15 min drive) for haircut night. (We have a professional who is a family friend, she does it at the inlaw's place for cheaper than she has to charge in the salon she works out of. So no worrying about a family member who just thinks they can cut hair. $90, cut, color, and eyebrow wax in salon, $40 cut and color when she comes out to do it. Stop somewhere quick for a $10 eyebrow wax, no biggie and a lot cheaper.) Wednesday, ball again at 6:30, mad rush.

Today I can relax a bit. The parts person is back and the service dept can be her problem too. Tomorrow is month end, so that'll be busy. But it's Canada and this weekend is a 3 day weekend... and a much needed one.

My mom, I have to write about this quick, My Mom is a godsend. She is so thoughtful and so helpful. I love her so much. She's a Teacher's Aid, and thusly as of Tuesday at 3:30 is now off for the summer. She went out on Tuesday and stopped at some of the venues I'd mentioned to her and picked up some information for me. She said she thought I'd never get the time, and she's done work for 2 months, and has the time to do some running for me. Thank you so much Mom, even though I don't think you even know my blog exists lol. I've thanked her in person already, so no worries. Because she's right, I wouldn't ever be able to find the time.