Wednesday, June 6, 2007

DIY: Aisle Runner Tips

Tips on making your own aisle runners from DIYBride members:

From Dani "I bought 8 yards of a white cotton fabric. I took the monogram image that I had made on my cocktail napkins and had it enlarged at Kinkos. I took that image and traced it onto the fabric. I then took fabric paint and painted in the letters. If you were to do this I would suggest using fabric paint pens rather then paint and a brush, it was hard to use. I then lined the edges of the "runner" with black satin ribbon for the finishing touch. Since I used paint and a brush I have a few drips. I took some fabric rose petals and hot glued them over my mistakes, once the fresh rose petals are down I doubt you will be able to tell the difference, and that way my mistakes will never be known. Good luck."

From Zoe: Same as Dani, but instead of tracing, we're cutting out the monogram like a stencil, placing over the runner, and spray-painting. FI has advised that acrylic paint will work best on a vinyl runner, so it can be rolled back up. Acrylic is more flexible. Another suggestion: use spray-glue over stencil, then sprinkle with glitter or rose petals. That part of the runner may not roll back up, but it would be a neat look."

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