Thursday, June 21, 2007

Toasting Flutes

Now, one of the beautiful things I see when I think about my reception is the bride and groom's toasting flutes. I really quite horribly badly want a set that say "Bride" and "Groom". I guess it just seems like something that can be kept forever and used again and again. And if there's anything I like to see in my fridge, it's a nice cold frosty bottle of wine. I have a nice cold bottle of cheap fruity wine, peach to be exact, not because I don't want to spend a lot of money, but because I prefer the fruity stuff to the grape flavored nail polish remover that my father prefers, and the fruity stuff, or soda pop wine as my dad calls it, is always a lot cheaper. Now granted, I need to have people over and the boys can have a couple beer while the girls and I drink a bottle or few of wine. I'm a social drinker, and still not a big one at that. But the cutesy wutesy flutes that no one thought I'd care about, are something that I do. But not enough to spend a whole lot of cash on them. Here are some cute flutes I've found along my ways.

Now, Who can tell me which flutes are from and which are from bridal sites? I think you'd be utterly surprised. Many of the above are from Target's website and are priced much cheaper than the same flutes on the bridal sites. Check out Target's Specialty Shop to be greatly impressed. I even found a set of 12 plain flutes (search for Charisma flutes) for $24.99. For 12! Wow! All it would take is a little ribbon or other decorations, and you have some gorgeous flutes for the wedding party, parents, etc. For us that would be both sets of parents (4) and the bridal party (8). Then every member can take their flute home at the end of the night as part of their gift. But that's just one idea. If you're really crafty, you could even buy plain flutes and paint or glass etch them yourself. You might even be able to find an engraving shop that would etch them for you.

I especially love the ones show above with the feather puffs around the bottom. But those would be so easy to make yourself than to pay $45 and up for them. Same with the bow accented ones, if you can find them without the ribbon and charms, it's so easy to save some money by decorating them yourself.