Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bulk Supplies

I found a good site for bulk supplies (and non-bulk orders as well). Party Pro has 8 different warehouses on their site, I haven't yet even navigated through all 8, each featuring some of the same, but many different items. The Green Warehouse features items with no minimum order, whereas the others are specifically bulk orders only. I came upon it while looking for table covers. They have an amazing selection of colors, and fantastic prices. The red warehouse features a minimum of $125 order and Gold is minimum $100 (the 2 warehouses with the smallest listings), but I haven't seen anything in those that I didn't see in the others. The Lavender warehouse features a lot of bridal items and does not list a minimum order amount. The other four (blue, orange, yellow, and platinum) feature a $50 minimum order and seem to carry the better selections, much the same as the Green Warehouse. Even when ordering from the Green warehouse, there are discounts for multiple quantities. I highly recommend looking into this site.