Monday, April 30, 2007

Asian Flair

I found an ad in the back jumbled mess of one of my bridal magazines for Asian I'd posted previously the idea for an aisle marked by paper lanterns. I've also seen pictures where the couple used the lanterns for many aspects of decor. But, of course, anywhere I've seen to buy them around home here have been quite expensive. The cheapest I found was $11.89 plus taxes for the lantern alone, no lighting or anything of the sort included. So far I don't want the lighting, but that seemed like a lot for just the round paper lantern. So I looked at Asian Ideas, not with all that much hope... but sure enough they have great deals on the lanterns, especially when ordering multiples. I wanted orange for down the aisle, but I also wanted white and blue for hanging decor around the reception. I found 10 inch diameter seemed to be the right size for me, but they offer a 10 to 42 inch diameter, although I don't seem to find that the maximum 42 inch diameter is available in all colors.

I found that my white 10" diameter lanterns are:
$1.70 each, 6 for $9.90, 12 for $12.00, or 24 for $21.60

The colored lanterns in a 10" diameter are:
$1.95 each, 6 for $11.40, or 24 for $42.00
Here are my choices for possible colors for our wedding. There are more shades of oranges and blues, and every other colors and shades that a person may be looking for. I did find in all my research that Asian Ideas did seem to have a much better color selection. Note: For anyone interested in lighted lanterns, they do offer the lighting kits in many different variations.

My Orange Options

My Blue Options

Other sites I researched:

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