Thursday, April 19, 2007

DIY: Poetry by Any Other Magnetic Word

I have always loved magnetic poetry. I don't own a lot of it unfortunately, but I love it a lot. I was thinking about this while going along my idea of using magnets for our wedding favors. Can be easily personalized for our wedding and also practical. Come on, who ever has enough fridge magnets? But to buy the suckers it is friggen expensive! So I've searched online for DIY instructions, and really only came up with the same ideas I already had. So here it goes:

Materials Needed:
This is really broad.
- Words. Yes, Did I mention broad? Anyway. I suppose you could do anything, cut them out of magazines, print them on plain or sticker paper off your computer, write them on, the possibilities are endless here.
- Magnet Sheet. I've seen instructions where people glue or stick the words onto old fridge magnets that they don't want anymore, others will pick up magnet sheets or magnet strips.
- Glue - that is, if you aren't using sticker paper.

Step 1:
Collect your words.
Step 2:
Stick or Glue them to your magnet. Let Dry.
Step 3:
Cut the magnets to separate your words.
Step 4:

Enjoy. Stick on your fridge (or anything else magnetic), Give as gifts, Whatever.

Simple as that. I found the picture of the fridge in Google Image Search, if it's yours, let me know. I found the close up from DIY Maven on

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