Monday, April 2, 2007

Cake Bling

Today at lunch I got home to discover that we didn't have power, at least for the first 40 minutes I was there. So I was flipping through my new JC Penney Wedding Planner.
(For anyone interested and close to a JC Penney, if you register with them with a list of at least 15 items, you can print your registry off your home computer and take the list to any JC Penney and receive a FREE wedding planner binder. I was very impressed with the binder, it was much better than I originally expected.)
And whilst flipping through my binder, I decided to - gasp, oh yes - cut some pictures out of one of my bridal magazines and stick them into my planner. A combination of being bored and wanting to see options side by side. Of course, I ran across a website I had to take a look at. I found their actual website wasn't much help, but a website that sells the products was. They also carry the tear drops spray I featured in a past entry, which was the same as used on the Carmen Elektra cake.

You can find these at Expressions Cake Jewelry or at Advantage Bridal. The other idea I really loved was this shadow box frame for showcasing monogram toppers after the wedding.

For the bride who wants to DIY as much as she can, like me, because these things are stupid expensive, two wedding bee bloggers have posted their DIY instructions and results. See JustABride and Miss Pearl.
My Mood: Mischievous