Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Programs or Fans: Both

These are the programs I was first looking into. Something simple, but can easily be made to fit with our wedding style.

For our time of the year and the possibility of extremely warm weather, we both have decided that we like the idea of making our wedding programs into fans. Which style, I don't yet know, but here are our front runners:

Eyelet Spreading Fans:

I think these are pretty and certainly wouldn't take up much space when not opened. They seem rather formal looking to me, but I suppose that could be turned down a bit. Aylee Bits has a great tutorial and free template download for this style.

Fans on Sticks:

I saw this style first and I still think it is my favorite, might fit our pretty casual wedding more than the last set. I've seen these in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, etc., etc. I think I prefer the rectangular, but with rounded corners rather than the sharp squared.

I've found the craft sticks almost everywhere. Although the most common are pretty well just popsicle sticks, I have found many wider ones meant to be fan handles.

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