Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Buys

It was a cheap weekend in the shopping department. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. I found some new golf balls. Not thrilling to many I know. A stop at LaSenza for some pretty little things. I found a cute little charm for my Italian charm bracelet, it says Bride. I also bought my mom one that said Mother of the Bride. I couldn't help it, for $5 a piece how can you really go wrong. Besides, hopefully at least, you only get to be a bride once in your life. So the odd little bridal but non wedding related expenditures I'm sure can be forgiven.
That's okay, because on that note, we bought Dan's mother a charm bracelet this weekend too. It's for mother's day, so we're prepared early, but she seems to like mine and we thought we'd give it a shot. We bought her 3 charms already for it and I have 2 more coming from my cousin who used to sell them and is trying to sell out. Of those 2 - one says Mother of the Groom. It'll get her a good start. My mother and I ran into the same problem last night with each of ours, I bought us those charms and neither of us had a space left for a new charm! Time to put all the blank links back together and start number 2 I guess.

And a real wedding related expense... I found that necklace I blogged about before, the one with the crystals. It's almost perfect, I do have a slight change I want to make to it, to add the something blue if I need, but we'll see what I need to do first, but since it does have the chain extension, I thought it would be cute to remove it and put the ribbon on the back.

But at Chapters I picked up 2 wedding related books, The Wedding Survival Guide (it looked interesting and was on sale for $5, I gave it a shot) and Offbeat Bride. I'm reading the Offbeat Bride right now, it's very entertaining and hugely helpful for those not set into tradition.

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