Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DIY: Bubble Magnets (Marble Magnets)

I have seen these in the stores before, and I never gave them all that much thought until now. I think they are adorable, and thanks to so many great blogs (see list below), I have realized that they are incredibly easy to make, although seemingly time consuming. But I have some crafty friends, a very talented mother, and a mother in law and grandmother in law to be that want to help any way they can. I imagine I could even get Dan to help with the assembly. This seems like it would be fairly inexpensive, even when making sets for guests. I think for very special guests, ie: my parents, his parents, bridal party, and attendants, I will make up different sets that are more tailored to them. I think it would be cute for his parents to get some of his pictures from when he was younger and then some with the two of us for their set. And likewise with myself for my parents. We'll see what happens. I can tend to get right into these kind of crafts. They pass time well and it seems to be something that one could do mindlessly while watching tv or something.

Bubble Magnets:

- Flat glass (or plastic if you'd like) accent marbles with one flat side, or cabochons as per Not Martha
The accent marbles I've seen almost everywhere, although I think I'm going to visit my nearest Michael's to get them, since I have a few other items I need from Michael's and a 25% off my total wedding purchase coupon. The cabochons are available at Tap Plastics as per Not Martha.

- Powerful round magnets (also available at Michael's) Size will depend on the size of your marbles or cabochons
- Clear craft glue OR Silicone Sealer (such as made by Crazy Glue Company): Some instruction sites say glue, some say silicone sealer, I'll see what I can find around my area.
- Scissors OR Round Craft Punch in the size of your marbles. I'm going to find the punch because I have so many to make.

- Some people say that they could see the magnet under their picture and it ruined their magnet. If this happens they say to glue down a layer of white cardstock between your picture and magnet. I'll run a test first with my glue and magnets and see what happens. If they don't turn out, I'll use the cardstock and stick the test runs on my own fridge.


Step One: Gather Pictures.
Punch/Cut pics out of magazines or whatever. You may want to use on of your marbles as a guideline to check the picture size first. I plan to print them off in pages off my computer since I need so many of the same.

Step Two: Glue Picture to Marble
Drop a bit of glue/sealer (about the size of a pea) to your picture and squish it to your marble. Squeeze out any excess glue or air bubbles.

Step Three: Glue Picture Marble to Magnet.
Drop a bit of glue/sealer (about the size of a pea) to your magnet and squish it to your marble.

Step Four: Let Dry.

Read the instructions on your glue I suppose, but most sites say an hour, some say overnight. Viola! Finito!

Sites I researched for this project:
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