Friday, April 20, 2007

My Marble Magnets

I was bored tonight, so I ran down to our local dollar store and picked up the things I needed for marble magnets and decided to give them a try. It was stupidly easy and cheap. It took more time for me to decide what pictures I wanted to use than it did to put them together.

I bought:
- 4 Packs of 12 magnets at $1.50 each
- I bag of flat bottom marbles at $1.50
- I tube of "Amazing Goop" at $5.50

I made 12 magnets tonight, so it probably cost me at MOST $2.00 for those 12. I still have TONS of glue and flat marbles left. To figure it out, The bag I bought will make 24 sets of 4 magnets, with a couple left over marbles. So that $0.0625 per 4 marbles. The magnets I will try to find cheaper in super bulk for the favors, but using these ones they are $0.50 per 4. And say I use one tube of "Goop" per bag of marbles (although I think by tonight's findings it'll be much more than that) the goop works out to $0.23 per set. So totalled up it would cost me time and $0.7925 per set of favors. But if I find cheaper magnets, that could drop significantly.

Here are the pics of my bored night creations: (Sorry for bad light reflections)
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