Thursday, April 19, 2007

Colored Flames

Dan was actually the one to point this out as a possibility for wedding decor. He really liked the idea and if it's something that he will actually voice that he likes, I will try my absolute hardest to put it to use. I already wanted candles of some sort, and he doesn't care much whether I put it to use in normal candles or oil candles or whatever, and I think it'll make a really interesting touch.

I had posted on my old website from my late teens the chemical additives for getting your flame to burn in a specific color, but really other than thinking it was really cool (and I still do think that), I never did anything with the information. But I sure will now. Imagine this, Blue, Orange, and White - yes white - flames on all the candles in the ceremony and reception.

I couldn't find a better pic of a white flame, so that'll have to do with just the half white flame. I wonder how many people will notice right away...

Sites I researched:
Rainbow Moments: These are what we saw in the store that caught Dan's eye.
More Than Light
Magic Color Lamp Oil
We R Beyond Candles
EOil Candles
Aura Oil: For oil candle building supplies
WickStore: Again supplies for building candles

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